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I know how people say when one door closes another opens, I really hope that this new door I enter works out. I’m leaving my boyfriend and we are going to start that long distance thing which I’m scared of. I really like this guy and being away from him is difficult. So now that I’m moving to a big city and he’s not going to be there, does anyone have advice for this entire long distance thing? I’d love to hear from everyone and anyone who wants to help me out!

Way to many fans and no escape the fans were crushed into barriers and each other. As fans tried to escape fans were getting trampled injured and killed. No one realized the extent of this event until it was finally over. There 96 casualties and over 200 injuries. These fans will never walk alone they will always be remembered.

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24 years ago today we lost 96 Liverpool fans in the Hillborough disaster. These fans lost their lives during the match. Rest In Piece

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Mighty Asian:

They have the same name and number it was bound to happen! Let’s just be satisfied that there are still fans dedicated to NHL after that damn lockout.

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On the morning of Ryan Suter’s return to Nashville as a member of the Minnesota Wild, he joked that he wanted to wear a different jersey number to avoid the boos. Maybe he should’ve just insisted that the Wild sign a guy with a similar name.

Various observerspoint out that Anaheim Ducks fans made the mistake (at least once) of jeering defenseman Nick Schultz instead of Justin Schultz during Monday’s game against the Edmonton Oilers.

For future giving-a-hard-time purposes, PHT provides this handy guide for telling the two apart.

Here’s a photo of Nick, who wears No. 15. Notice the “A” on his jersey for alternate captain …

source: Getty ImagesAs you can see, he doesn’t have “N. Schultz” on the back of his jersey, just Schultz:

source: Getty Images

Nick Schultz is 30 years old, a left-handed shot and measures in at 6-foot-2 and 203 lbs., according to We’ll spare you…

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With some key players out of the mix for the Calgary Flames, guys like Matt Stajan are getting a chance to prove they belong. That opportunity might be cut short by injury issues, however.

Stajan, 29, suffered an upper-body injury during Monday’s game against the Colorado Avalanche. He won’t return to that contest.

It sounds like he was hurt by a first period hit via Patrick Bordeleau, according to the Calgary Sun’s Wes Gilbertson.

He has almost a point every other game (23 in 37 contests) this season, including two assists in his last full game on April 6.

Like quite a few other Flames players, Stajan’s contract has drawn plenty of derision. His four-year, $14 million deal ($3.5 million cap hit) will expire after the 2013-14 season.

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When to End Things

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I’m not that old so I guess I don’t have much experience in life, but today I’m asking anyone who might come across this; when is it the right time to end a relationship.

I’m moving away and I know he want’s to keep things going but there is going to be 228km distance plus I’m in uni, you can’t expect me to be available to talk to at anytime of the day. I’m going to be a busy person with a job and school and I know that something will give and that’ll be the relationship. I’m young if it was meant to be it’ll work out right? I’m starting to think that maybe I’m just that annoyed with him and that it’s not the fact that I’m moving away it’s just the fact that this is the end of us as a couple.

Maybe I’m just stressing over nothing, but the relationship isn’t exactly where I want it to be at this point in time anyway. I do like the guy though… maybe I’m just not ready.



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So I’m done school in a few weeks… 19 days to be exact, and I’ve come to the realization that living in London and moving to Toronto is going to be a big step for me. Not only is rent extremely high, but it’s hard to find a place in a decent neighbourhood that’s worth my time.

I’ve come to the realization that for me to have a good living I either need to move in with my grandma (not down) or find some roommates stat. This’ll be a shit load of fun!